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We use machine learning to transform healthcare from reactive to proactive, so that more people can live healthier lives.

We identify next year’s new high cost members before a high cost event occurs. And work with clinician teams to precisely target interventions that improve the quality of care and contain costs.
John Coughlin

VP Informatics and Analytics, Optima Health

“As part of a consumer-focused integrated health system, we believe Optima Health must be at the forefront of healthcare transformation. Our partnership with Prealize extends this leadership, enabling us to fundamentally change how we deliver healthcare and truly begin solving for population health. Given that Prealize's offering was better at identifying rising risk members than our existing approach, we are tremendously excited to leverage this solution at scale. I look forward to seeing the outcomes for our members as our clinical team begins proactive engagement, and ultimately extending these capabilities to the providers and patients in our health system.”

Colt Courtright

Chief Data Officer and VP, Corporate Data & Analytics, Premera Blue Cross

“Using advanced prediction and data science with healthcare data is providing new value in healthcare innovation. By working with Prealize, we’re able to leverage unique predictive capabilities and bring new solutions to the market that benefit Premera customers. Premera is able to identify a customer who appears to be at risk of a significant increase in their medical needs. Premera’s care management team can then create a plan to address and potentially mitigate these medical needs, directly with the patient or provider.”