ConsumerConnect High Touch

Prioritized outreach. Optimal health and costs.

Prealize’s AI-powered platform generates proactive, personalized insights into future high-cost claimants that enable you to prioritize outreach based on cost drivers, clinical impact, and likelihood of member engagement. That lets you efficiently target your efforts, improve member health, and reduce costs.

Who needs ConsumerConnect High Touch

For clinical, health services, care management, and physician leaders

  • Gain insight into future high-cost claimants and their cost drivers
  • Achieve optimal member outreach efficacy and efficiency
  • Improve member use of health programs and adoption of interventions
  • Reduce avoidable costs through proactive care management and provider services
  • Prioritize the allocation of scarce resources

Why you need ConsumerConnect High Touch

Our AI-powered proactive insight allows you to improve member health outcomes and reduce avoidable cost through high-touch care management.

Maximize scarce resources

Prioritize most in need outreach to maximize scarce care resources.

Predict up to 12 months sooner

Identify members at risk for a health condition up to 12 months before the diagnosis appears on the claim, so that you prevent issues that lead to high-cost claims.

Receive actionable, accurate insights

Receive curated member target lists based on member-level insight into rising risk, cost, drivers, likelihood to engage, and clinical impactability.

Streamline care management and physician workflows

Make it easy for staff and physicians through seamless integrations.




Get more for your money with a proven return

Lead Time


Gain 12 months lead time to impact the health trajectory



Significantly increase telephonic engagement

How ConsumerConnect High Touch works

Our clinically-informed AI identifies priority member outreach based on cost drivers, clinical impact, and likelihood of member engagement.

  • Member-level condition predictions enable you to intervene 12 months before a diagnosis hits the claim
  • Gain additional lead time to impact the health trajectory
  • Benefit from seamless workflow integrations and easy-to-understand visualizations of member trends


What our customers say

"You gave me my life back."

Maggie S, Health Plan Member

"Prealize gave me the right members at the perfect moment of impactability."

Shauna W, Care Manager, Large Health Plan