Health Equity

Identify equity gaps. Take action. Improve lives.

Our AI-powered healthcare platform gives you actionable insights into members’ non-clinical risk, including social determinants. That means you can reduce health disparities and avoidable healthcare utilization. The result? Better quality ratings for you, and better quality of life for all of your members.

Who needs Health Equity

For healthcare organizations

  • Gain deep clinical insight and a comprehensive understanding of the social risk factors likely to impact member health
  • Eliminate health disparities among members
  • Drive appropriate healthcare utilization and costs associated with health inequities
  • Target members with the right message through the right channel, and drive engagement and referrals with the programs and resources they need most
  • Proactively address care gaps to improve quality scores​

Why you need Health Equity

Prealize Health Equity goes beyond standard self-reported risk assessments and outdated demographic data to identify the root causes of health inequities​. Prealize delivers the most comprehensive insights into member-level clinical and non-clinical risk, selects the cases that are most impactable, and matches these members with tailored programs and resources that help them stay healthy.

Target highest need areas

Appropriate funding and building of community partnerships where need is greatest.

Enhance member support

Support individual members with the right programs at the right time.

Identify risks and intervene sooner

Prospectively identify risks and needs without self-reporting/HRA completion.

Stay current

Gain the most current member-level insights in market, updated every six months.


Lead Time


Gain 12 months lead time to impact the health trajectory



Increase member engagement with key programs



Receive predictions that are twice as accurate

How Health Equity works

We identify rising-risk members who are likely to lack access or avoid care due to social or psychosocial risk. We home in on their key health risk drivers and assess risks based on the largest spectrum of health determinants, which include SDoH, behavioral, and attitudinal risk factors.

  • Identifies member-level clinical and non-clinical risks to aid in development of action plans for mitigation
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing plan or vendor platforms to power targeted high-tech and high-touch interventions to the highest priority action
  • Permits analysis by line of business and individual consumer attributes
  • Identifies engagement preferences


What our customers say

"You gave me my life back."

Maggie S, Health Plan Member

"Prealize gave me the right members at the perfect moment of impactability."

Shauna W, Care Manager, Large Health Plan