If you could see tomorrow, what would you change today?

Prealize empowers Health Plans, Employers, and Providers to see around the corner by predicting the what, why, and when of future risk. See how advanced machine learning powers proactive healthcare.

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Cost Bloom Mitigation

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Gain the ability to improve health outcomes and quality by getting ahead of individual health trajectories. Manage future risk before it happens.

Why use Cost Bloom Mitigation?

Up to 12 months of lead time for proactive clinical action

Changing health behaviors takes time and is more effective when the individuals are earlier in their health trajectory. Proactive outreach before individuals become critically ill leads to better outcomes and healthcare experience.

Take the most effective actions

Focus time and action on the most clinically impactable individuals who are likely to engage.

Identify the drivers of future risk

The drivers of future risk inform the most effective actions and approach for individuals and populations.

Effectively deploy limited resources

Resources like care management, digital programs, marketing, and disease management are limited in their capacity and time. By finding the individuals who will most benefit from action, these limited resources can be utilized in the most effective manner and have the greatest impact to health and outcomes.

How Cost Bloom Mitigation Works

In a proactive healthcare model, insights into the shape of future risk helps individuals get connected to proactive clinical interventions such as primary care and medication access. Proactive clinical action is key to improved health outcomes and trajectory.
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The quality and value of healthcare settings have a significant impact on outcomes. Getting ahead of elective or avoidable utilization creates an opportunity to match members to higher value settings, before the event occurs.

Why use Steerage Precision?

Precise and focused outreach

Improve quality and outcomes, by creating a focused opportunity to guide members to higher value settings through personalized outreach.

Define which procedures or events are most important to your strategy

This configurable offering enables you to flexibly target a variety of elective procedures

Up to 12 months of lead time for proactive and guided outreach

Lead time is important when guiding an individual to a higher value setting. For example, outreach prior to a surgical consult for an elective surgery increases the opportunity that an individual can consider more choices.

Predict when the event will occur

Depending on the type of event, knowing if it will occur in the next several months or longer can inform the best type of action from lower resource actions such as marketing to higher resource actions such as a personalized outreach.

How Steerage Precision Works

In a proactive healthcare model, insights into the shape of future risk helps individuals get connected to better care. A significant driver of health outcomes and cost is the setting of care itself. By knowing what elective and avoidable events will happen before they occur, an opportunity is created to guide individuals to better choices and outcomes.
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Predict cost at the individual level and across a population to more accurately manage future risk.

Why use Risk Assessment?

Reduce the band of uncertainty

Individual risk changes from year to year - high cost individuals this year may not be high cost next year, low cost individuals could become high cost. Predicting risk reduces the band of uncertainty.

Do more with less data

More certain predictions of risk, even for individuals with less than 12 months of prior enrollment data.

More accurate

In comparisons to leading competitors, outcomes are 2-3x more accurate in predicting future cost.

How Risk Assessment Works

In a proactive healthcare model, insights into the shape of future risk are derived at the individual and population level, tailored to each customer’s own data. By developing unique individual predictions, cost can be predicted in a much more accurate and precise manner as much as 2-3x.
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