If you could see tomorrow, what would you change today?

Prealize empowers Health Plans, Employers, and Providers to see around the corner by predicting the what, why, and when of future risk. See how advanced machine learning powers proactive healthcare.

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ConsumerConnect High Touch

RiskInsight reveals group and member level risks unseen to the human eye and explains future cost predictions with diagnostic and prescription indicators.

Why use RiskInsight?

Protect business through group and member level high cost claimant insight

For one customer, Prealize's RiskInsight identified over $60m in additional high cost claims that were not identified by trending forward historical stop loss claims. That’s the power of Prealize predictive analytics. 

Grow stop loss margin through competitive product pricing

Precisely target future good risk for focusing upsells and sales strategy, across all self-funded groups.

Up to 2x more accurate than competitors

More accurate than BHI, Optum ERG, and DxCG, for predictions you can trust.

Support existing workflows

RiskInsight supports the underwriting workflow through a standalone tool or seamless integration with existing workflows for maximum impact.

How RiskInsight Works

Find future high-cost claimants at the individual and group level to fuel underwriting decisions. RiskInsight reveals hidden member level insight into future high-cost and low-cost thresholds, and provides easy to understand explanation into future high cost claimants, including diagnostic and prescription indicators.
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Power each consumer interaction in the healthcare journey with personalized insight to connect to the programs and resources they need most.

Why use ConsumerConnect?

Differentiate with a personalized experience

More than ever, consumers are now demanding personalization from their healthcare plans and providers. ConsumerConnect gives you the proactive consumer insight you need to deliver a best in class digital experience.

Act with up to 12 months lead time

ConsumerConnect provides insight up to 12 months before a diagnosis occurs, giving you time to build trust and impact a consumer's health journey.

Understand your members to drive action

ConsumerConnect matches to 35+ program categories including high-cost areas like Behavioral Health, Diabetes and ED Prevention.

Maximize program investments and vendor solutions

Integrates seamlessly with existing plan or vendor platforms to power targeted interventions to the highest priority action, ultimately improving program adoption and engagement.

How ConsumerConnect Works

ConsumerConnect offers AI-powered proactive insight to match your programs and resources to the members that need them most, like Behavioral Health, Diabetes, MSK, and ED Diversion. Support a holistic member healthcare journey by integrating our best in class member-level insight into existing digital member products and services.
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Power and prioritize high-touch outreach for maximum impact with personalized insight to match to needed services that improve health and reduce cost.

Why use ConsumerConnect High Touch?

Prioritize resources for maximum impact

ConsumerConnect High Touch maximizes resource efficiency by prioritizing member outreach targets based on member impactability and likelihood to engage.

Act with up to 12 months lead time

ConsumerConnect High Touch provides insight up to 12 months before a diagnosis occurs, giving you time to build trust and impact a consumer's health journey.

Predictions you can trust

In comparisons to leading competitors, Prealize predictions are 2-3x more accurate, giving you the confidence you need to reach out to members.

How ConsumerConnect High Touch Works

ConsumerConnect High Touch offers AI-powered proactive insight to improve member health outcomes and reduce avoidable cost through high-touch care management. Make every call count with curated member outreach targets based on member-level insight into rising risk, cost, drivers, likelihood to engage and clinical impactability.
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