save lives

Our values reflect how we work, treat each other, and show up for our clients each day.

Commitment to Health

We are driven to improve the health of all people. We bring passion and dedication towards transforming healthcare, and high levels of integrity into the way we work.

Pioneering Curiosity

We continuously strive to redefine what is possible — thinking big, actively pursuing new learning, taking risks, and making novel connections to drive our work, and its impact, further.

Impact Focused

We are here to create change, so we focus only on efforts that yield real impact to healthcare. With a bias for action, we relentlessly pursue excellence.

Courageous Collaboration

We believe the best results come from working across disciplines — new points of view can illuminate new paths forward. We speak up (and encourage others to), proactively seek and explore feedback and encourage diverse perspectives.

Pragmatic Honesty

We treat each other with respect, authenticity and humility. We listen before we speak and engage in constructive debate. We have no time to waste on anything that doesn’t lead to real value.

Our team brings bold ideas and big hearts.

At Prealize, everyone is an expert. Whether you’re a data scientist, clinical team member, engineer, or seller, your voice matters. Transforming healthcare is no easy feat, but we have fun doing it.

"Prealize is a collaborative and supportive workplace, where people are allowed to grow to their maximum potential."

Data Scientist

"Each day I’m developing my current skill set to include things I thought I’d never get a chance to discover."

Data Scientist

Open positions

Join us in pushing the power of foresight to transform healthcare and save lives.

Job-Hunting Safety: Please ensure that you are actually corresponding with Prealize staff about Prealize jobs. Fraudulent recruiters pretending to be associated with Prealize typically a) use an email address domain other than, b) link to job descriptions not on the website, and c) do not conduct on-site job interviews. If you suspect you have been contacted by a fraudulent recruiter, or if you have questions, please contact us through our contact form. For more information, please see this FBI announcement.